Dos and Dont's Fight The Banks

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Want do get a bank modification? A loan modification specialist suggest these do's ann dont's thru throughout the modification process if you wish to get a successful loan modification.

DON’T – Trust anything the Servicer/Lender is telling you when you call after being served a complaint. The Bank’s game is to keep you from defending the foreclosure until the Court orders your house sold. Don’t ignore the law suit.

DO Keep a detailed journal or log of your calls to the Lender/ servicer: date, time, name, and substance of the call. Keep all letters, emails, and documents sent to you from the Bank/Lender. Send all correspondence to the Bank via certified mail or federal express so that you have a record of the bank receiving the correspondence.

DO – Write in the memo area of every check you send to the bank/ servicer what the check is for, the loan number, is it for principal and interest or “principal, interest, taxes and insurance.” Do the same with money orders. If you are in a loan modification, send the check or money order by certified mail so you can track the receipt of the check.

DON’T – Take anything for granted. Document everything. Don’t believe anything the Bank tells you or the opposing counsel tells you. The bank is suing you – it is not your friend.