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General Documents CD # 1 Includes: $139

1)      4506T Form

2)      Dodd Frank Form

3)      Multi-Property Worksheet

4)      Profit & Loss

5)      Real Estate Cash Flow Worksheet

 Lender Specific CD # 2 Includes: $139

1)  Lender Forms from AHMI to Wilshire

2)  Lender Contacts

 Loan Modification Documents CD #3 Includes: $139

1)      HAMP DIY loan Mod Package

2)      Instructional E-book

3)      Non-Hamp DIY Loan Mod Package

4)   Call Log

 TIL & RESPA Lender Letters CD #4 Includes: $139

1)  Demand Letter

2)  Sample QWR

Consulting Time (2-4 hours recommended depending on situation): $250 per hour

1)    Loan Analysis

2)  Review package with you to make any corrections before you submit to the lender

3)  Advise & Coach you throughout the whole process

4)  Assist answering questions that arise during the process either verbally or written