Package Release Form

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Package Release Form 

Customer Information:

First Name                 Middle Initial (Optional)                      Last Name          

Street Address (no P. O. Boxes please):                City:                                                      

State:                                                                    Zip:        

Home Phone:                                    Work Phone (preferred but not required):

Customer’s Bank and Payment Information:

Routing Number (9 digits):                                                           Account Number:

Check Number:                                                                                               Checks-By-Phone Amount :

Client is purchasing a product for completing a Self-Directed loan restructure request and being provided with a package of information, all related forms, documents and lender packages when completed and submitted by the Client directly to the lender, allows the creditor to consider the Clients application for restructuring terms of their existing loan. 

1) Interview homeowner, show options

2) Send the loan restructure request package which consists of:
  • Request Cover Letter
  • Blank Client Pre-Qualification
  • Instructional E-book
  • HAMP and Traditional Loan Package
  • 4506-T Form
  • Real Estate Cash Flow Worksheet
  • Profit and Loss Worksheet for self-employed homeowners
  • Dodd-Frank Form
  • RMA (Request for Modification Affidavit) Form
  • ALL lender-specific forms, from AHMI to Wilshire  and ALL lender contact information updated regularly  
  • Demand letter & QWR ( Qualified Written Request)
  • 4 hours of consultation time with our specialists, available at Clients request, to provide information relative to the process and options for document preparation.
3) Review the package is 100% accurate and complete. If the home-owner is not able to prepare their  package, including how to properly calculate income and expenses, provide assistance.

4) Assist to answer any questions throughout the process that may arise either verbally or written.

Sign X___________________________________ Date______________   

We are a Document Preparation Firm that staff consists of people with degree’s in Finance that have assisted many borrowers like you modify their mortgage with exceptional results over the last 5 years successfully thru various lenders.